Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Party, Vacation & School

There has been alot going on the last couple of weeks.  First of all we went down to Texas for my niece's 2nd birthday party.  This was the first time that Denver and my brother and his family have seen eachother in person...needless to say he loved them all.  Lilly and Denver really enjoyed playing together and Denver just took to my brother instantly.  He even cried when it was time to go and he had to come back to mommy.  It was a great time of celebration and family. 
From there my mom, Denver and I continued onto Canton, Texas for the Canton Trade days.  There we met up with my Aunt and 2 cousins.  If you have not been to the Canton Trade days and don't live to far away I highly recommend it.  We had a great time enjoying each others company, we went swimming in freezing cold water and we ate a ton of food.  I love to watch Denver interract with all of our family, he loves getting to spend time with all of them.
Lastly, Denver started Mother's Day out this week.  We call it "school" because it's easierfor him to say .  He only goes 2 days a week and seems to be loving it.  He has a great teacher and gets to play with lots of toys and other little kiddos...what could be more fun than that.  While he is there I started back to work a little bit, which has been nice to have some adult interraction.
So thess past couple of weeks have been a little busy but Denver is doing great with everything.
God bless you all!!!
I made Grant stop so Denver could take a picture in front of the big Texas

Lilly and Denver sitting on the back of Uncle Richard's firetruck

We stayed at the same hotel as nana and papa and Denver loved being able to go next door and knock.

Four generations:  It was great that we could all be there for the party and gramps could see his great grandkids.

Denver with his Uncle Richard

We stopped at a children's park in Tyler to take some pics.

Denver with his nana and Auntie "T"

Alex, Denver, Becky  and I on top of a giant bear statue at the park. 
We had a great time taking pictures.