Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Can't believe my baby is 3 years old...

Today Denver turns 3 years old...I cannot believe that exactly 2 years ago this day we met our baby for the first time.  I will never forget how sweet our little man was on his 1st birthday and how blessed we were to spend this day with him in Ethiopia.  It just worked out his 1st birthday was the first day we met him in person.  God has a way of working things out.  So much has happened in the past 2 years...I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it all.  This morning Denver woke up and had some chocolate chip muffins for his birthday breakfast.  Yesterday I asked him what he wanted for his birthday lunch and he told me "peppa jack cheese"...did you know he is a cheese conasuer?  Since he has cheese for every breakfast   meal, I decided to surprise him with something different.  Although he probably would have been happier with his standard cheese breakfast.  I forgot to get candles at the store so he only got to blow out 2 spare candles that I dug out of my pantry...I am such an awesome mom.  I did have a 8 candle that I tried to cut to make it look like a 3 but it ended up breaking into pieces.  Can I get a little help around here?  I think I am the only person who can go to the store and always forget something.  I would like to know what it feels like to come home and realize that I got everything that I was supposed to.  Anyways, this is supposed to be about Denver and not me so I need to zip it. 
Denver with daddy on his 1st birthday
I will never forget the first bottle I fed him

It's so hard to believe how much he has changed in the last 2 years...he is not this little baby anymore

Our first meeting was captured by a wonderful photographer couple out of Kentucky, Wes and Nina Mullins.
Denver at 1 1/2 years old
photo taken by Rhianon Welty
Denver at 1 1/2 years old
photo taken by Rhianon Welty
Family photo in October of 2011

Denver at 2 years old
photo taken by Rhianon Welty

Family photo in August 2012
photo taken in the Paseo by Rhianon Welty

My 2 handsome loves
Such a stinkin cutie

Denver told me he has a serious face for this picture...not sure why.

What a handsome boy!!!

Just so I can be one of those annoying moms and brag on my child, here is a list of some of the things Denver is doing now.

He can:
Dress himself
Correct his mom when I say something wrong or that he thinks is wrong
Dribble a basketball
Hit a golf ball
Spell "Bible"
Go to the bathroom completely by himself
Tell me when the stoplight is red or's not annoying at all (thanks Dad for teaching him about traffic lights)
Say his ABC's
Say the Pledge of Allegiance
Count to about 20ish
Sleep in a big boy bed
Tell you when you say a word that he thinks is bad...even when it isn't.  Did I mention he is a tad bit bossy.
knows all the colors
Do gymnastics off of his bed, this consists of him jumping off his bed and going straight into a somersault
Help momma with our babies that we watch
Feed our dog Charlie

Okay, I'm sure there are more things but my brain has shut off and I'm sure you are tired reading all of these. 

I will end my bragging with a funny story from this week:
Grant was working with Denver on the fruits of the Spirit and when he asked Denver what Joy meant Denver said "that's Grandma Mimi".  Thats Grant's moms name so he was right but it gave us a good laugh.  When Grant asked about Kindness Denver said "that's when we rinse our nose"...I guess that sinus and kindness sound similiar and since we rinse Denvers sinuses he got the 2 words a little confused.
It gave us a really good laugh.

Update on Seifu:
They said that Seifu is feeling better and has gotten over his recent sickness.  Our dossier documents are in D.C. being authenticated so it should only be another week or 2 before they send them to Ethiopia. From there it is just waiting on Ethiopia to set a court date for us so we know when we will travel.  It's getting closer and we have got to get Seifu's room ready. 

Update on Valentine Cookie Fundraiser:
I sold 45 dozen cookies and will start delivering them next week so it is going to be a little busy for this momma but we are so thankful to have sold that many.  We are so blessed by great friends and family who have helped support us through our journey to bring Seifu home.  We have had people that don't want the calories of my cookies but want to help so they still donate money.  It makes me feel so loved and know that so many people care. 
Have a blessed day!!!