Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Little Golfer

Denver went with Grant to the golf course for his first time on Friday.  Luckily the weather was pretty nice and it wasn't too chilly.  Denver loves golfing around the house so I knew that he would love going to the actual golf course.  I'm not sure if he is going to be satisfied teeing off of my bed anymore.  So glad that Grant took some great pictures because I wasn't there and even if I was I would forget....Grant is the best husband and dad ever.
I guess he was getting pretty upset with the wind as he was trying to carry the flag...gotta love Oklahoma.  There is a reason our state song says "Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain"
Golf is such an intense sport
Denver driving the golf cart...although he did inform me he didn't get to do the peddles.
The only thing that would have made this golf trip better would be if Seifu could be here...but hopefully soon.  We haven't heard anything else about our dossier going over to Ethiopia but as soon as we do I will post an update. 
Also don't forget about our "Valentine Sugar Cookie" fundraiser to help bring Seifu home.  So far I am up to 20 dozen...YAY!!!  My goal is to sell 40 dozen so I still have plenty more orders to take.   If you know of anyone who might want some then please pass this information along to them.  They will be $25/dozen and will come in a pretty valentine box. 
And I will leave you with a funny story of the day:
Me:  Denver you are going to get to see Mimi today.
Denver:  Are we going to Mimi's house?
Me:  No baby we are going to a funeral for your Mimi's Aunt Jerry who died
Denver:  Did Mimi die?
Me:  No Mimi didn't die it was her Aunt, we didn't know her
Denver:  I know her, I know Aunt Jerry
Me:  Okay if you say so
Denver:  Are we going to see Mimi up there (pointing up to heaven)
Me:  No baby Mimi didn't die it was her aunt
Denver:  Is Aunt Jerry in heaven?
Me:  Yes she is....(thinking to myself "and please don't ask any more questions because I already went into way too much depth for a 2 year old")
Why do I even open these cans of worms???

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