Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Hoops and More Hurdles

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything.  I’m sure you haven’t been quite the same without our adoption updates.  One thing we’ve learned over the last few weeks is that you are never really done with your paper work.  Paper work for an international adoption is the worst.  And because our first country fell through, we’ve now completed the paper work process twice.  The Ethiopian paper work was much harder.  It was nice when we finished it.  Or so we thought.  Last week we received an email from our agency.  All of a sudden Ethiopia decided to make a few changes on us.  A form we already turned in suddenly needed to be notarized and authenticated.  For those that don’t know, authenticating a document basically is taking a notarized document down to the state capital and paying them $20 to verify the person that notarized the document is in fact a legit notary.  We were glad to find out that Rhianon is legit.  So we get that done and overnight the document to Washington D.C. for further authenticating/verifying or whatever they do.  Then the next day we get another email from our agency notifying us that our agency’s main contact in Ethiopia had changed and now our Power of Attorney document needed to be re-done.  So back to the State Capital I went.  Another $20 verification and another overnight package to Washington D.C.  By the way, sending documents overnight to DC is not cheap. 

So now everything should be done, right?  Nope, we just realized that our Typhoid shots expired.  So we will be getting shots next Tuesday.  I doubt this will be the last hiccup we run into before we leave. 


  1. This is the first I have heard of this!!! When I say "what's new" you say , " I have been driving to the capitol!" Good luck and stay strong!

  2. I'm glad you live in the state capitol!!! Good luck with those shots!

    I know you guys will be able to keep up with any requests headed your way and we'll be seeing photos of you soon with Denver! YEAH!!!

  3. That's the truth, I really feel bad for those people who live hours away from there Capitol. Of course it's real easy for me to talk b/c Grants the one making all these authentication runs: )

  4. I don't know if I would say I'm legit. I just sent in a form with some money and they sent me back a stamp. I didn't even get a certificate. :( Speaking of certificates, where's my Malaria Expert certificate? I know you're in the middle of adopting a child from another country, but come on! That's it! I'm making my own.

    Rhianon, M.E., Notary, and now Microsoft Publisher Master.

  5.'s in the mail. I will also make you a "Certificate of Notary" so you look more legit.