Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From One Extreme to Another

Only two days until we leave!!!  At least we hope.  For those that haven't noticed, we were hit by a huge snow storm yesterday.  Here in the Oklahoma City area, we received 12 inches of snow.  Yesterday no flights were leaving Oklahoma City.  I’m sure by Friday things will be running smoothly, but the snow isn’t going anywhere because the temperature is staying around 10 degrees.  The storm that hit us also hit Chicago last night.  Chicago is the first stop on our flight schedule.  Hopefully this won’t cause any problems.  The good news that came from the snow storm is that my office closed yesterday and today so I have been able to stay home and try to get ready for our trip.  When we got up today we looked on Vanessa’s IPhone at the weather.  It was 3 degrees here in OKC.  Then we scrolled over to see what the weather is like in Ethiopia.  Today it was a nice 70 degrees.  It will be nice to have a break from this freezing weather. 


  1. I know you must be sitting on pins and needles. I'm sure you're going to make it out. I can't believe you had so much snow! It looks like we're going to get snow here! We will be crippled!

    We want to see a message from the airport. Don't forget us!

  2. Yeah, I just had a panic attack when I looked at our count down and it said 1 day and 7 hours and I realized we still haven't packed...not good. Anyways, we could never forget you! Thanks to everyone for your support, having great family & friends make this process much easier. xoxo, Vanessa