Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Blessed We Are !!!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!  We (Denver) have received so many presents that I think we might have to add on to our house.  All of the support we receive from work, church, family & friends is a constant reminder of how blessed we truly are. 
On Friday we got our latest update on Denver and it said that he is doing well, very talkative and loves to kiss his nannies (he's quite the ladies man).  His weight is up to 20.5 lbs so he is steadily gaining weight.  We have not received new pictures of him yet but as soon as we do I will e-mail them out. 
Our next...and hopefully final court date is next Thursday the 14th.  Please continue to pray that they will have their comments ready and we can work on getting an embassy date to bring Denver home. 
Sorry it's been a while since we've updated, these past weeks have been a little rough between Grant and I taking turns at being sick, but we are both feeling much better.  Hope that all of you are doing well and feel as blessed as we do!!!  WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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  1. Praying!!! I cannot wait for you to bring him home! And you need to know that you have blessed so many of us way more than you could ever know! Watching the process of this adoption unfold has been a HUGE blessing! Love you guys!