Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

This weekend we met up with Grant's family down by the Arbuckles.  We had a great time!  There were 7 kids and 8 adults so we were almost out numbered :)  Denver had a great time playing with his cousins.  We went swimming in Turner Falls and drove through Arbuckle Wilderness.  We almost got attacked by Emu's a few times...good thing for automatic car windows.  Emu's are one scary looking animal.  It was Denver's first trip and he did absolutely great.  He is taking to everyone so well. 
While we were there Grant's family threw Denver a 1st birthday party since he didn't get to have one.  He loved eating his cake and playing with all of his new toys.  It was alot of fun.  Here are some pics from the trip.  Hope you enjoy!  God bless you all!!!
Playing in the pool with sprinklers

Grandma Joy made the soccer
looked great and tasted wonderful.

Openning presents with the help of all the cousins

This cake is yummy!!!

Trying to kiss a donkey

It worked out perfectly that I got Denver to do his funny face at
 the same time an animal was coming up to the window. 

I just picture this donkey singing
"Hunka hunka burning love" to Grandad

All the cousins at Arbuckle...can you tell
it's hot and everyone is tired.

This is how you feed three 1 year olds at the same time

Chillin' in the pool with cousin Joslyn. 
She is so cute in her red polka dot bikini.

Kissing cousin Josie...okay so the pictures
 a little staged but it's so cute.

I love this picture of Grant and Denver with Grandma and Grandad

Taking a hike with Grandma Joy and Joslyn

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  1. How wonderful! It is so great to see Denver and how he just fits perfectly! You know God meant him to be with you!!!

    Love you all and miss you bunches!!!

    -Aunt Teresa