Friday, November 11, 2011

Long time, No blog

Sorry for the long break in posting...I don't have any good excuses so let's just jump on into the details.  Life has been absolutely wonderful, in fact so much that I can't even remember what has happened since the last post.  I will try my best to recall all of the exciting events but I make no promises to get them all right. 

We had a good fall break in Branson with my family from Kentucky.  We got to spend time with my aunt and uncle and their wonderful kids.  Denver had a ball with them and loved all of the one on one attention.  My uncle was the one that went with Grant to Ethiopia and we weren't sure if Denver would rememeber him but he did.  He really took to him in a way that he doesn't ususally do with people.  That was very exciting to see. 

My gramps got to stay with us for a week before he moved in with my aunt and uncle in Houston and it was fun to see the interaction between Denver and him.  They are both very stubborn so the staring contests were so fun to watch.  It's funny how a 87 year old and a 1 year old can butt heads but they did.  I will say they did enjoy one anothers company but you can tell they are both used to getting their own way.

Halloween and trick or treating were a blast. I wasn't sure how Denver would do but he was a rock star. He didn't get scared of anything and he thouroughly enjoyed knocking on people's doors and saying trick or treat...and bye bye about 10 times per door. Needless to say we didn't go very far but he was so cute that he ended up getting his fair share of candy. Good thing his mama likes chocolate. Grant had to take the candy to work with him because I couldn't stop. I was seriously out of control and I was bribing Denver way to much with candy. He also enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch with his buddy Jackson, they had a great time together.
Now I will be quiet and post some pics because I know that's what most people care about anyways.

**Be watching the blog in the next couple of days because I have something exciting to post about!!!
No we are not adopting another kid yet but I am hosting a sugar cookie sale for a great cause so come back to check out the details. 

A recent pic of Denver so you can see how big he is getting

Family picture
Denver with all of his Morgan family cousins

Denver with his "Kentucky" cousins.  We were the  most multicultural family in was so fun to see all of the people trying to figure out what kid went with who. 

Gramps with his "little black Philly"

Denver's trip to the pumpkin patch

Denver and his buddy Jackson

Lion doing a funny face

Roaring scary

Lion cracking up at himself

2nd lion costume of the night...if you dress up in different costumes you can go around twice and get more candy.  Just kidding, we didn't do that, although I would've been more tempted if we had another costume besides another lion.  Grants mom made the 1st lion costume when her 1st grandson was 1 and he just turned 11.  The 2nd costume was one that Jackson wore when he was little. 

*I have a disclaimer to make that the professional pics were taken by Amanda Carrie of AMC Photo and any of the other good photos were taken by my good friend Rhianon who is an awesome photographer.  The bad quality photos were taken by none others than yours truly. 
I have never claimed to be good at taking pictures.

God bless you all!!!

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