Thursday, May 30, 2013

Date with Seifu

Today we had a very great day!!!  We got to take Seifu out to lunch today and spend sometime with him outside of the orphanage.  Seifu was alot more shy and quiet outside of the orphanage than he has been inside.  We also went to visit Denver's orphanage today and all of his nannies were so excited to see him.  We told them Waqo was here to visit and they were so excited they started yelling to all the other nannies to come see Waqo.  They wanted to love and hug on him but he was pretty shy and scared of all the attention.  They had a picture of him when he was an infant up on the wall, so Grant took a picture of it.  I think we tired Seifu out today running him all over Addis with us but I think he had fun.  Denver and Seifu have already bonded so much, they are going to be great brothers!  I just realized the pics I have posted yesterday and today are not showing up so Grant is going to add them to his Facebook if you want to see him.  If you're not his friend he said just friend request them and he will accept:)

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping us posted on here. I am overwhelmed with joy for you guys! It has been such an incredible blessing to see how God puts families together. How cool is it that Denver and Seifu are already bonding as brothers! So glad you guys had such a great day. Wish you could squeeze Seifu into your luggage and bring him back already! But I guess we'll just have to be patient! Love you guys! -Vangie