Saturday, May 25, 2013

Going to Ethiopia!!!

I know I have been horrible about updating but I have come to the realization I will never be good at blogging so I will just do my best....which is not very good at all:)
We leave tomorrow for Ethiopia for our court date for Seifu, YAY!!!!!!  We are so excited to meet him and spend time with him at the orphanage.  We are all 3 going over as a family and Grant's mom is going with us.  It is going to be such a great trip.  I have heard such wonderful things about the kid's at the orphanage and how great they are.  We will spend 3 hours/day playing with them and just getting to show them love.  Seifu will not be able to come home with us this trip b/c this is just our court date and we will have to wait for his embassy appointment before we can bring him home.  We are hoping this will be 6-8 weeks after his court date which is May 29th! 
For any creepers who read this we have people house sitting for us
and 2 crazy pets so don't try anything! 
Now I need to get packing!!!

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