Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grant is a REAL DAD now!!!

I got to skype with Grant and Denver earlier today...thanks to Uncle Reggie for using a flashlight as a spotlight so that I could actually see them and not just their silhouette.  They are all doing well, when I talked to them they had had Denver for about 4 hours and said that he was doing great.  It was a little chaotic at the orphanage because their original driver (Solomon) got into a wreck so they had to send them another driver who Grant said was good but his english isn't near as good as Solomon's.   So when they finally got to the orphanage there was no one there who spoke good English and they really weren't able to get much information from the nannies.   Having said that they all seemed to be doing just fine with it and just rolling with the punches.  Grant is an AWESOME dad, it was sooooo good to see him holding Denver on his lap, playing with him and making him laugh.  I cannot wait until they get home on Friday. 
This whole adoption process has been good for our patience and has taught us both that sometimes you have to wait for the things you really want in life;  however, this is going to be the hardest part for me.  I am so used to being with Grant that I cannot stand to be away from him, he is my rock.  The prize at the end will all be worth it, but please keep us all in your prayers.  God bless you all!!!

PS:  Grant is going to try and send me some pics tomorrow depending on how good the interenet connection is so check back for them :)


  1. tell us if his cried at all please and tell us how much sleep there geting

  2. I don't think he has cried much at all and I'm not sure how much sleep they're getting.