Friday, June 17, 2011

Grant's On His Way!!!

Well sorry it's been a while since we posted...I know I start every blog off like that but I can't help it I feel guilty for being such a bad blogger.  Grant and Uncle Reggie (my trip stand-in) are about 2 hours away from landing in Ethiopia.  They get in 7:45 am Saturday, Ethiopian time, and go straight to the orphanage to pick up Denver.  I am trying to stay busy washing, drying and folding baby clothes.  Grant made me a "Honey do" list before he left to keep me busy.   I'm gonna be making Home Depot runs, taking trips to the grocery store (it's true, don't have a heart attack), organizing all of Denver's bottles and sippy cups, child proofing the house and hopefully finishing many many more tasks. 
Oh and for those who know my family, my brother and sister-in-law had their little boy Eli 5 weeks early but he is doing very well.  We got to make a run down to Texas to see him yesterday after we dropped Grant off at the airport.  His big sister Lilly is very proud of him and already wants to hold him and give him some lovin'.  It was so fun to see them together, I can't wait for Denver to be thrown into the mix.  Signing off for now, but I will post tomorrow as soon as I hear from Grant.  God bless you all!!!  

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